How do MEES affect my Commercial EPC?

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) are here! From April 2018 all new (or renewing) commercial leases must have a commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of or greater than an E. EPCs with F and G ratings are now classed as a fail, meaning a landlord is unable to let or re-let its property without an EPC rating E or above.

From April 2023 this will apply to all existing commercial leases (regardless of renewal date) and April 2020 for all privately rented domestic property.

MEES Advice and Solutions

We are here to help Landlords, Tenants, Solicitors and Agents, navigate one of the most impacting changes to commercial property legislation in decades.

What is a valid EPC for MEES?

A valid EPC (with a rating of A to E) is acceptable for the time being, allowing a new lease to commence. However, be aware that both the Building Regulations and the software used to assess energy performance have changed significantly in recent years.

Commercial EPC

Whilst EPCs are valid for 10 years, those created soon after 2008 are approaching expiry and may not pass when reassessed. This means that the real issues are:

  • An existing C or D rating which passed a few years ago may now be an F or a G!
  • Mid-tenancy problems when the EPC needs updating
  • A landlord may not be able to sell a low (F or G) rated building as the new owner will not be able to let it
  • Properties without an EPC – extensive works may be required
  • Enforcement action and fines for non-compliance

Government estimates suggest that between 18% - 25% of commercial property will have an inadequate rating of F or G, however, the Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) suggests that a similar proportion of currently rated C and D buildings might be expected to fail on re-assessment!

So, with many EPCs due for reassessment within the next few years and the next milestone of 2023 looming (2020 for privately rented domestic property), now is the time to prepare your Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards strategy armed with the correct options and practical options available to you.

Ensure your MEES Regulations Compliance

As two independent specialists in energy assessment, EPCs, and commercial property consultancy, Base Energy and Rowley Szilagy can help you achieve the EPC rating you need to re-let your property and minimise disruption to your business by:

  • Helping you understand your EPC rating and its implications
  • Providing practical options, costs and solutions for MEES compliance
  • Assist you with the design and implementation of upgrade works
  • Enable the successful re-letting of your property

Our Landlord and Tenant Feasibility and Action Packs include:

  • Current EPC reviews
  • Updated energy assessments
  • Technical design and budget options
  • MEES exemptions advice and applications
  • Planning and Building Regulations and applications
  • Tendering and Project Management
  • Lease and dilapidations assessments and negotiation. 

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